The difference between project Nim and Zan.

The difference between Zan and Nim where that Zan only stayed with two families while. Nim stayed with multiple. Half brother was also made in Canada while Project Nim was in the U.S.A. Nim started out and cute but as he grew up he became more wild like biting people. Zan was always cute and cuddly and stay like that as he grew up. Nim went to an animal testing place for research on while Zan never did. Nim also smoked joint while Zan was free from the drugs. Nim was sold to LEMSIP while Zan never got token to one. Nim died of a heartattak at the end of the movie and in the end of the book Zan just went to Dr. Helson. 

Similarities: The similarities between half brother and Nim is that they are both baised on chimps. Both the chimps knew sign language but I think Nim remembered it better than Zan. Both of them grew up with humans and basically were humans. Both of the chimps were taking when they were pretty young also. 

I think in the end they were both good and I hope to do this again soon 😀


Animal Testing

Animal testing is when people test stuff like hairspray on animals. What they do for hairspray is spray it in the animals eyes until it goes blind to see how much the eye can stand it so it isn’t harmful to humans. I think it is bad to do animal testing because it hurts animals and animals are people to right? So they don’t deserve that kind of torture just so people can have make-up  and hairspray on. They use 27 different kinds of species like macaques, monkeys, squirrels, rats, mice, dogs, cats, and ferrets. They have been using ferrets since the early 1900’s  to study the human diseases. Lab test are mostly used on mice. The use of chimps are still used in the U.S.A and possibly China. The major uses of animal testing is for Medical research, the development of drugs and medical devices and a small proportion of educational  activities.  about 103,764 of animals  weren’t given medications to alleviate suffering or pain. But the suffering and death of these animals is unnecessary when making  products like your shampoo,hairspray, eye shadow and toilet cleaner. Companies that test these types of products on animals should be boycotted until they change to a non-animal-testing policy. Honestly if humans wouldn’t do it on other people don’t do it to animals because they would hurt the same way you do!  

Here are some links to where i found some information:

Trouble With Exams

The trouble i have with exams is the studying part, I find it easier to study with a friend then study alone. This year i knew i would have alot of trouble with my math so i got lots of help from my friend. So the first was ELA and i did pretty good. The second was social studies and that was not  so good. The third was science and i did a bad job because i never studied enough for it. The last one was math and i was really nervous for it because i knew i was going to fail. But I did better then last year.  For math i could have tried way better. For the final exams im going to try really hard the pass them. Although I am still happy im passing.  The part i hate about exams is that people/parents always nags you to start studying when the thing is i get better marks when i study at the last minute because if i study to early ill forget alot of stuff.  The good part after midterm exams is afterwards you don’t have to worry about them for awhile. The first part of the year we did stuff in social studies about Egpyt, communities and a little bit of Ancient Rome. For ELA we did  poetry and we did a novel called the outsiders. For science we did stuff on light  like luminous, nonluminous, boiluminous chemiluminous and stuff like that. For math we did all sorts of stuff ratios, charts, graphs, stem and leaf plots, fractions and  Intigers.  My favourite subject would probably be  ELA or social studies.  What we also did for January was the science fair. I did a project on how cheese turns into penicillin. For the science exam there was alot of writeing involed with it because you had to use big word that you don’t really use in normal everyday life.  For the ELA exam it wasn’t so bad because it was the first  day but by the last exam people were pretty much dead.

Half Brother

In class we are going to be starting a book called Half Brother by: Kenneth Oppel.

What I think its going to be about is a a family that adopts and baby monkey and raises it in there home with there own son. They will teach it how to use sign language and it will grow up just like a regular kid. The parents and kid get attched to the baby chimp. But ithink the boy for some part of it will maybe  feel left out because the parents are paying more attention to the chimp instead of him. I think  this book is back in around the 1970’s. I don’t really like the ideas of experimentation because some experiments don’t go very well and sometime its curlity  for the animal.  In this book i hope things all go well and there are no troubles in this book. I think I will  this book because it seem pretty good. I hope this book doesn’t end in  tragedy.

Justin Bieber / Cody Simpson

Justin Bieber  and Cody Simpson are singers.

Justin Bieber  was found on youtube. He was born March 1st 1994 in London Ontario.He is now 18.  He was raised in  Ontario. Some of his interests when he was little was hockey, soccer, chess. He plays Drums, Piano, Guitar and trumpet. His moms name is Pattie and his dad’s mane is Jeremy.

Cody Simpson was born January 11th 1997. His parents names are Brad and Angie Simpson and his siblings are Tom and Alli. He is 14 and lived in Golds Coast  Queenslands. Cody won to gold medels in swimming. He began to record songs in his room in 2009. He was found on youtube by Shawn Campbell.

About Me

Hi im Chantal im 14 and live in Snow Lake i have 2 dogs and one cat.  My jersey number is 12 and im on the volleyball team.My dogs  names are coco she’s a pure breed  chocolate lab, shadow he’s a cockerspaniel, and smokey the cat is black.  My favoutrite colours are purple, black, green and yellow. my favourite sports are volleyball, basketball, soccer and floorhockey. My favourite subjects are math and gym. my favourite foods are apples, oranges, steak, and potaotes. my favourite singers are Justin Bieber, LMFAO, Cody Simpson, Taylor Swift, AC-DC,  Kid Rock, Marianas Trench, Lady Gaga and  Katy Perry.

The Wave Chapters 13-17


Brad told Laurie she has to give him the wave salute before she went up the stairs but she said why do i have to give you the  salute. Laurie is going to put the note she got from that kid in the paper so people can see that someone tryed to force that kid into joining the wave. Lauri and Amy are fighing about how Laurie is going way over her head about the wave. People are saying Mr Ross Has the students brain washed. when David saw the note in the paper he felt sick. The jewish boy’s Rabbi when to the school complaining. David is afraid if he goes back to the wave it will get him again. when to students went to the aditorium and saw the blue tv screens they started to get suspisous.

Response  Journal

1. I didn’t like how Brad told Laurie she has to give him the wave salute to him before she goes up the stairs.

2. I cant believe someone beat up the new jewish boy.

3. I can’t  believe the jewish boy’s Rabbi was at the school complaining to the principal

4. At the end i wonder why robert was crying over the wave being over

5. I didn’t like when thhe principal was swearing at Mr Ross because of all the parents complaining about the wave.

6. I didn’t  like it when  David beat up the jewish  boy just because he wanted to join the wave

I really enjoyed this book and hope we read it again next year 🙂